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2nd Lincoln International Millinery Competition 2019

Finals and Show will be held at the Sam Scorer Gallery, Lincoln, UK

4 January 2020

The competition is open to international and UK milliners

Rules and Entry Forms are obtainable by email from: lincolnintmillinerycomp@gmail.com


  1. Your hat can be made using any materials of your choice and must be suitable for a model head size 57cm. It must have no maker’s name attached. Please mark the inside with a red cross indicating the centre back.

  2. The theme is “Classic Couture” and should be a wearable hat to go with the outfit style as per one or two of the photos shown on the Facebook page and not a fascinator and not a piece of art suitable only for display.

  3. Each competitor may submit one or a maximum of two hats. Please complete an entry form for each hat. The cost is £25 for the first and £20 for a second entry. Completed Entry forms only, one for each hat, should be returned by email to lincolnintmillinerycomp@gmail.com before 1 November 2019 together with payment by PayPal to lincolnintmillinerycomp@gmail.com which will be acknowledged by email.

  4. The hat must be designed and made by the person registered for the competition, after 11 September 2019 from basic materials, not a ready-made or modified and decorated hat and not have been entered elsewhere.

  5. Judging criteria will include style, line, balance, weight, technique, finish and originality.

  6. We suggest that you start posting the hats with the copy entry form and photos from 1 November onwards to ensure time for delivery, particularly if you are entering from outside the UK. All actual hats must be received by 6pm on Monday 2 December 2019 to allow time for photographing for the competition.

  7. Competitors may not publish photos of their entries on line or in the media otherwise, prior to date when finals are held which is when judging will take place and our social media promotion begins.

  8. The Finalists will be announced after the parade of hats at the show in Lincoln (date to be advised), together with the winners. Details will be posted online as soon as possible after the show on the LIMC Facebook group page and winners will be notified individually by email if they are not present.

  9. Candidates are requested to ensure their hats are well packaged for delivery and insured. Your hat may if you wish, if indicated on the submission form, be offered for sale after the exhibition and a commission of 10% paid to the Competition Organisers. Please make sure we have your retail price. Any unsold hats will be returned as soon as possible after the show and static display, using the packaging in which they were sent, at your expense. We will contact you about cost of postage at that time.

  10. Entry forms can be obtained by email from the email address shown below.

  11. It is important for the actual hat to be accompanied by a copy of the Entry Form, completed in LARGE CLEAR LETTERS together with a photo of the hat showing how it should be worn on the head when posting to the competition address.

  12. Any entries once received if withdrawn will be returned and the entry fee withheld and at the entrant’s expense.

  13. We ask all overseas entrants to clearly mark on their customs’ label – “sample of no commercial value” to avoid duty to be paid in the UK, otherwise this will be charged back to the entrant.

  14. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to email us. We will acknowledge all entry forms and payments as received.

LIMC https://www.facebook.com/groups/189844641767931/

Email: lincolnintmillinerycomp@gmail.com


We reserve the right to cancel the competition if insufficient entries are received and all entry fees will be returned with postage at the entrant’s expense

E & O excepted



2nd Lincoln International Millinery Competition December 2019

Milliners from all over the world are invited to participate in the 2nd Lincoln International Millinery Competition via Facebook. The theme for designs this year is “Classic Couture” to pair with one of three designs displayed, made by couturier London based, Allison Rodgers.

Bianca - kopie



The hats will be on display in the Sam Scorer Gallery windows, Lincoln, UK – near the Castle and Cathedral in the centre of the city, from 17 December 2019 until 5 January 2020. It is hoped that this will become an annual event, for which Lincoln will be known and if sufficient entries are received there will be a catwalk show open to the public (provisionally Saturday 4 January 2020) as well.

We are very grateful to the following sponsors who have donated prizes:

The Trimming Company (UK) £200 voucher


Darryll Osborne Hat Blocks and Millinery supplies (Australia) $AUS300 voucher http://www.hatblocksaustralia.com.au/

Torb and Reiner (Millinery supplies/workshops etc.) (Australia)

1 metre Silk Abaca and 1 metre of Jinsin shipped $AUS130


Vendula London (Handbag makers) “Milliners handbag”


and we thank Allison Rodgers couturier (for use of her outfits)


For your security and ours, we kindly ask you to email us for entry form and also so we can see the level of interest and plan the event and show accordingly.

Please email us for a copy of the entry form and rules. lincolnintmillinerycomp@gmail.com

share this link with friends so they can join in. https://www.facebook.com/groups/189844641767931/?ref=br_rs



This form should be printed, completed and delivered with your submission (with photo included in the hatbox). It is your responsibility to ensure a copy is kept for your own records. One form per hat please.


Postal Address:



Postcode/Zip Code: Country:

Email Address:

Telephone: Mobile:

Description of your hat (including name of hat, materials used, methods used and how it should be worn) and how the theme is interpreted.

- 2 –

Name of entrant

Name of hat

Retail price if to be sold: £ (10% commission fee applies for competition hat sales)

Please attach a photo (in the hat box only) of the hat being worn by a human, not a dolly head and a short biography of the milliner (max 120 words) for promotional purposes.

Email your entry form to:

lincolnintmillinerycomp@gmail.com and send your PayPal entry fee to lincolnintmillinerycomp@gmail.com by 1 November 2019, your actual hat(s) must be received by 1 December 2019.

Ensure that you put a return address label on the form and the box please.

I agree to abide by the rules of the competition: (Signed)

Hats to be posted with return address together with copy entry form and photo to:

LIMC 2019,

Annette Edgar

3 Waterford Court,



United Kingdom


For LIMC use only:

Entry form received by email Date:

Entry fee received PayPal Date:

Hat received Date: Entrant No.

Entry checked and confirmed to entrant Date:

Entrant advised of results Date:

Entrant advised of sale Date:

Entrant advised of postage return costs Date:

Postage paid by entrant Date:

Hat returned to entrant Date:

Hat sold: Price: Paid to entrant: Date:

E & O E